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Commercial Construction

Triune is a full-service General Contractor offering a complete array of construction services customized to fit the unique needs of our customers. Our construction experience includes all aspects of construction with an emphasis on design build, project management, health and safety, quality control and subcontractor management, while utilizing the latest in technological advancements.

While many companies can swing the proverbial hammer, Triune excels in its proven ability to safely and cost-effectively bring together a multifaceted construction team whenever and wherever our customers ask us to deploy. We have an unsurpassed ability to field a comprehensive construction organization wherever resources are needed. Our successes in skillful project management, quick response, fast-track construction, mobilization in remote and/or hazardous locations, and safety in spite of difficult surroundings have given us the elite reputation we enjoy today among our many satisfied customers.

Triune has developed a Relationship Oriented Approach (ROA©) that results in higher quality, better communication, and faster delivery for our clients. This iterative project management approach allows information to flow up and down, as well as, across the team, leading to better:

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Construction Services Provided by Triune

  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Design Build
  • Site Evaluation and Design
  • Preconstruction Services
  • Service/Maintenance Contracts
  • Fast Track Modular Buildings

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Self Performed Capabilities

Through our self performance capabilities, we are able to control the costs, schedule and quality of our projects, and thus deliver to our customer the highest standards in safety and excellence in a timely manner.

For example, Triune’s self-performed electrical services are a critical part of its General Contracting offerings. Triune’s leadership in electrical construction and maintenance are key value components in the coordinating of complex scheduling and the completion of projects.

Likewise, Triune’s skilled drywall and acoustical installation teams have delivered a variety of singular and integrated solutions. Our professionals have managed projects ranging from hospital renovations to million sq. ft. school additions.

Whether or not we self perform certain trades on a project, rest assured that our vast understanding of the trade industry results in a heightened ability to assess real costs, accurately schedule work, and monitor production and quality. 

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Disaster Response and Recovery

The communities that Triune serves are vulnerable to many potential hazards which can cause major or catastrophic destruction, including exposure to hurricanes, tornados, floods, mud slides, earthquakes, wildfires, ice storms, and most recently, terrorist activities.

Triune has earned a reputation for providing premiere rapid response capabilities and expertise in times of domestic and international crisis.            

Triune utilizes its project management expertise and large network of subcontractors, vendor and collateral relationships to assist those in need. Furthermore, Triune has consistently demonstrated its commitment to work successfully in hazardous and/or remote environments to positively affect the communities involved. 

Triune is experienced and ready to assist federal, state and local customers in meeting the varied challenges that disaster brings. We have successfully partnered with local communities, labor, and relief agencies such as FEMA, DoD, USACE, the State of California, Texas, and Louisiana to ensure a timely, cost effective, productive, and safe response in times of crisis.

Triune is able to offer the following disaster response services:

  • Power Restoration
  • Safe water and Ice
  • Food Supply
  • Temporary Housing and Facilities Construction
  • Temporary Housing Management and Maintenance
  • Temporary Structure and Roof Repair
  • Demolition of Damaged Structures
  • Emergency Road Clearance
  • Debris Removal, Reduction and Processing
  • Marine Removal, Recovery and Salvage

Once the immediate needs of the communities in crisis are met, Triune begins the process of designing and constructing permanent community infrastructures, as well as commercial buildings and temporary residential housing.

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Captive Network of Capital Resources

Triune has strategically formed team relationships with companies who provide needed resources during times of disaster, primarily in the Gulf Coast, Pacific Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country. Our widespread network of resources include companies specializing in heavy equipment, cargo, trucking, ice and water, modular building, building supplies, etc.

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Job-Site Fueling Services

Triune’s job site fueling division is a fast growing, independently-owned petroleum marketing company. If it’s fuel you’re looking for, we can help. We supply competitively-priced petroleum products throughout the country to commercial and other bulk users. Triune has supply contracts with numerous major refiners across the nation which translates into supply consistency, excellent pricing and reliable quality that meets even the most stringent Quality Control Standards.  When bulk gasoline or diesel is required to keep your business running, you can count on Triune to handle all of your fuel needs.

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  • Diesel Fuels
  • Low and Ultra Low Sulfur
  • All Grades of Gasoline
  • BioDiesel
  • Industrial Fuel Oils
  • Marine Bunker Fuels

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Triune is a full line distributor of several major refiners and offers a line of premium lubricants for specialized applications.

Engine Oils Lubricants

  • Automotive Trucking
  • Commercial Industrial
  • Marine
  • Aircraft

Industrial Lubricants

  • Food Grade Oil and Greases
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Turbine Oils
  • Transmission Fluids
  • Electric Insulating Oils
  • Machine Tool Oils

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Energy Management

Through our expertise in supply and transportation procurement and risk management, Triune is setting new industry standards and establishing best practices for a growing trend toward fully outsourced energy management contracts. We achieve these objectives by: 

  • Becoming a true extension of our customers energy procurement function
  • Helping our customers effectively manage and control energy costs and usage
  • Responding to our customer energy needs within 48 hours
  • Delivering energy products during times of emergencies, severe weather and natural disaster

For questions, prices, and specific product information please contact our Fuel Sales Manager at 214.503.0549

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