About Us: Information Technology

In an effort to run faster, jump higher, and enhance the overall speed and quality of our services Triune is committed to existing and emerging technologies. We utilize technologies to help in developing and improving work processes at the site level, which ultimately provides for better communication, accountability, and performance for our customers.

Site-Cam (TM)

Triune's newest technology in use is Site-Cam (TM) which affords management the power to be anywhere at anytime. Utilizing on-site web cameras in conjunction with on-site personnel allows management to view and critique construction activities in real-time over a secure password protected website.

Our system allows everyone involved in the construction process to have a presence on the construction site. Design consultants have the ability to effectively coordinate revisions with the company; the company can coordinate with subcontractors, the owner can coordinate with the company. This system is essential to documenting critical construction events, like the pouring of foundations, erecting of steel, or exterior framing.

In addition to basic project management, Site-Cam (TM) improves coordination by keeping construction teams current on all activities. The company also uses the services for site security and to monitor O.S.H.A. compliance by crews.

Site-Cam (TM) affords any construction project many of the following:

  • Enables better communication between all involved
  • Provides visual daily progress reports
  • Keeps stakeholder informed on a real-time basis
  • Preserves historical progress images
  • Helps to avoid critical path delays
  • Reduces cost of site visits

Other Technologies Utilized:   

  • Small Business Server 2003
  • Internet Information Server
  • Virtual Private Networks and Remote Access Systems
  • Virtual Cameras (Realtime)
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • Microsoft Project with Risk+ (risk management add-in)
  • Solomon Accounting Software w/SQL
  • Predefined Email Groups
  • Web based critical path programs
  • Wireless cameras
  • Computer based ordering systems




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