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Ultimate Responsibility:  The ultimate responsibility for all Triune employees is client satisfaction, safety, risk management, profit/loss, repeat business, and business development.

Vince Fudzie, MBA, CPA

Vince utilizes his wealth of experience in analysis, development and overall management in the overseeing of Triune. His vast experience in the construction industry began in 1988 as a business assurance consultant with Deloitte & Touche’s Real Estate Construction Group. With a Masters in Business Administration from one of the world’s top business schools, he was soon hired as a consultant in the business turnaround unit of Price Waterhouse-Coopers (PWC). At PWC, Vince was responsible for developing and analyzing extensive operational reconstruction plans, business plans and the final projection of commercial and residential construction firms in distress.

A decade later, Vince set out on his own with a vision to oversee a company that would incorporate the best practices of the multitude of clients he had served over the years. He was determined that Triune would not be your typical run-of-the-mill firm. Instead, it would be a company grounded in the necessary principles to achieve superior customer satisfaction while maximizing value for all. He wanted the company to base itself on a Relationship Oriented Approach (ROA©) to construction which would result in the highest quality for clients and positive experiences for the company.

Vince holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) degree, BS in Accounting from the University of Washington, and is a Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor (CIRA)

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Ray Quintana, MBA, EE
COO/Corporate Development

Ray brings to Triune an extensive knowledge of business strategy and structure, market strategy and new channel creation, finance strategy and funding, technology strategy, product development, process creation and operational execution. Prior to joining Triune, he served as Director of Strategic Finance at Bosch Telecom, a 6 billion dollar division of Robert Bosch Corporation, where he executed large-scale network construction build-outs. At Bosch, Ray also worked to build the companies’ network capabilities through acquisition and partnerships. He spent many years working with all the major players in the telecom industry including Lucent Technologies, Alcatel Telecom, Ericsson, Newbridge Networks, Northern Telecom, Mitsubishi International, AT&T and Sprint. In 1996, Texas Instruments brought Ray into their company to work on its divestiture of all non-core businesses including defense and communications.

Ray has served as a CGMS Fellow at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he earned a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Corporate Strategy. He also holds a BS in Mathematics with an emphasis in Statistics and Statistical Analysis from the University of Texas at Arlington as well as a degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of California San Diego where he studied Solid State and Semi-Conductor Physics.

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Edwin Crittendon B.S. Biology
G.M. and Director of Health and Safety

Edwin is a multi-talented construction professional who brings 12 years of construction experience and knowledge to Triune.  Prior to joining the company, he successfully pursued an eclectic entrepreneurial career path that has led to a reputation for driving innovation in the construction industry.

Edwin spent 6 years working as an Estimator and Construction Manager for various companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area, where he undertook leadership roles in all the top construction projects and gained a strong view of all the general requirements needed to execute and excel.

Edwin’s quick rise through the ranks in the construction industry could have been predicted by his accomplishments in the health and safety industry. Prior to Edwin’s move to the construction industry, he served as the resident Texas Department of Health Services Certified Paramedic at the Prairie View A&M University.  He then went on to become one of the founders of ABC Emergency Medical Services, a front line emergency medical provider in Houston Texas.

Ed holds a BS in Biology from Prairie View A&M University and is a Texas Department of Health Services Certified Paramedic.

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Traver Hill
Vice President Operations

As Vice President of Operations at Triune, Traver manages the systems of the office staff and those of the Site Project Managers and the Superintendents.  He brings over 15 years of high-value experience, having previously served as an operational manager for such giant corporations as Citibank and Wells Fargo. He has managed over 200 personnel for Fortune 500 companies, and has helped to implement systems that allowed these firms to conduct business more efficiently.
In addition to his work in the corporate sector, Traver has experience in overseeing commercial construction projects, as well as hurricane and earthquake disaster relief efforts. He has specialized in managing construction and disaster relief efforts with manpower as high as 500 per day in remote locations. His ability to function in diverse and adverse conditions is a testament to the valuable talent he brings to every project he manages. Traver also possesses a gift for customer and vendor relationship management.  In fact, he is known in the industry for having an innate ability to quickly build genuine rapport and secure a solid team of professionals to facilitate a fast-paced project.

As an Office Manager with years of hands-on experience in purchasing/inventory control/budgeting, and a reputation for dedication, creative problem-solving, and outstanding service, Traver empowers his subordinates and emphasizes responsibility, accountability, and performance.

University of California, Hayward – Business Administration

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Len Hollie
Director of Construction Services

Len Hollie is a roofing construction icon in South Texas.  He started in the construction business over 48 years ago and is finding it hard to leave. His indomitable spirit and enthusiasm for the industry has led him out of retirement to oversee Construction Services at Triune.

Len’s experiences are far-reaching and his integrity and professionalism are unquestioned. His hard work and character have allowed him to build long- lasting relationships with giants in the Houston community. In 1988, he brought his 31 years of roofing experience to Pan American Airlines. He became the construction Superintendent and led maintenance teams at the NASA Johnson Space Center. His team was responsible for the maintenance of approximately 130 buildings on the NASA campus. Over the next 12 years, he maintained this leadership position as the contract for NASA JSC changed hands from Pan Am to Johnson Controls to Halliburton.  As a testament to his value at NASA, each of these corporations considered Len the best man for the job and persuaded him to stay on as they took over the contract.

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Brian Ganges
Chief Estimator/Project Manager

As Chief Estimator and Project Manager at Triune, Brian brings more than 10 years of construction experience to our company. His career began as a field worker with one of North Carolina’s largest drywall subcontracting firms, Precision Walls. He later advanced and excelled with other large drywall companies and was soon promoted to job-site foreman, and later, Office Construction Estimator.

Brian adds field insight and perspective not only to our Estimating Department but also to our Subcontractor Management Department. His experience in blueprint-reading from a field perspective and his ability to extrapolate information and integrate that knowledge into our estimates and for our project team make him an invaluable asset to the firm.  His vast experience in the construction of schools, churches, office buildings, grocery stores and retail shops, coupled with his training in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, allow him to make an organized and seamless transition between our Estimating and Project Management Departments.

Brian also brings a health and safety-conscious perspective to our projects as one of our bilingual OSHA-certified employees.

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Rod Packer
Project Management/Business Development

Rod is a consummate construction professional who brings 8 years of high-value Project and Construction Management experience to Triune.

He has spent the last 15 months as Triune’s top Project Management specialist. As the initial contact point for both the customer and A&E, Rod focuses on building long-lasting relationships, insuring success and exceeding expectations on every project. His take-charge management style, proven experience, integrity, commitment to safety and leadership are qualities that Triune is built upon. Rod responsibilities also include the administration of activities at the field level, providing on-site leadership and making day-to-day decisions required to ensure a successful, safe and timely project delivery and completion.  Prior to Triune, Rod spent 5 years as a project manager in the roofing construction industry for S&W Construction and 2 years as the Safety Coordinator for the Volunteer Hospitals of America.

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