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Hurricane Rita

As a Prime Contractor for the Texas Gulf Coast Mission, Triune played a major support role for FEMA/USACE during the Hurricane Rita relief efforts. The severe damage caused by Hurricane Rita required major repair as thousands of homes were all but destroyed by fallen trees and heavy debris. As one of the first responders to the Gulf Coast disaster, Triune quickly mobilized a massive support effort to help the affected communities get back on their feet.

During Operation Blue Roof, Triune oversaw a 500-plus member crew that led the effort to rebuild the structural integrity of severely damaged roofs and provide temporary coverings. Triune furnished and installed all the panels, joists, and rafters needed for their structural repair.

Triune was able to assemble an around-the-clock, ten-person office staff and a team of 500 local laborers within 48 hours of being issued its prime contract. Our workforce covered nearly 10,000 square miles and installed Blue Tarp temporary coverings over nearly 3,000 homes at up to 200 structures per day.  We also provided state-of-the-art project management equipped with computer software to accommodate remote locations, as well as debris management and removal. The operation saw no lost-time accidents as we rebuilt structural roof decks and installed tens of thousands of square feet of building material.

Throughout the rebuilding effort, we determined best practices for roof repairs, initiated community relations growth by interacting with homeowners and community leaders, both in-person and through media and social outlets, and made a concerted effort to educate the community about the Blue Tarp project.  In addition, we increased the local economic base by hiring local workers and patronizing local businesses with hundreds of thousands of dollars.  As a result of our support efforts, we were recognized by local community organizations for our humanitarian efforts. 



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